No job is to small from thermostat repair to filter change out. Fixer is reliable and guaranteeing all work done on premises for 30 days. Being family owned we are here to offer our services at any time of the day for emergences. Trust your family with ours. At Fixer we know how important security is all our technicians are licensed back ground checked and drug tested. We strive to become new standard in HVAC industry by giving 5 star experience to all our customers.

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For many years Fixer Heating & Air LCC has been providing excellent customer service to all clients in Illinois, but not only there. We are a family–owned business based in Chciago, Illinois. We truly believe in traditional solid values with quality solutions. We provide services based on honesty, trust, respect, generosity and courtesy. Whether you need professional maintenance on your air conditioner or furnace, or you need a new installation in your commercial facility, our highly qualified team can handle the job. We are here to assist you, no matter how big or small your project is!

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  • Years of HVAC experience;
  • Fast Emergency Service;
  • Free  Consultations;
  • Upfront Pricing;
  • Best Warranties;
  • Skilled Certified Team of Technicians.

Beginning with services we provide ending with answering emails and phone calls, we proudly give all our customers the best experience that we can. We take our business personally at Fixer Heating & Air LCC, so we always make sure that our clients are well informed, and happy with all aspects of the service we provide. We bring the same practices, respect and dedication for our customers to every job that we perform. From field service to sales, commercial to residential, we always promise all of our customers equal level of high quality, exceptional customer service.


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Wide range of Cooling & Heating Services and Products

• Central Air Conditioning • Gas furnaces • Heat Pumps • High Efficiency Filters • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning • Indoor Air Quality • Energy Recovery Ventilation • Boilers • Humidification Systems • Pool Heaters • Maintenance agreements • Diagnostics and Repair • Commercial Services • Rooftop units • Ductwork • Zoning • Air Balancing

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Fixer Heating & Air LCC Team is always here if you need any assistance. You can easily reach out to us by using the quick contact form, e-mail us or simly give us a call. Our representatives will do what they can to help you immidiately and will send you professional technicians to solve all of your problems. We appreciate your trust and always work hard to give all our customers 100% satisfaction. Our mission is to do our best and provide you with the highest quality services, no matter what or how big your issue is.


Choosing The Right Heating System & Heating Contractors For Maximum Efficiency in Chicago

Purchasing the perfect heating system is essential for every homeowner to enjoy their homes comfortably. Modern HVAC markets offer unique heating units. Deciding to buy or replace your heating system is not an easy task that can be quite stressful, especially if you are not familiar with different heating systems like heat pumps and furnaces. A furnace is a heating device that gets air from home through ducts and vents, and the air is stored for warming and releases when it's warm to circulate throughout the house. The heat pump consists of two main components, such as indoor and outdoor air handlers. A heat pump uses the outside air to both heats a home in winter and cools it during the summer season. While both furnace and heat pump creates heat, a heat pump uses electricity to move and furnace burns fuel to create heat. Considering this, the heat pump is more energy-efficient, and it emits zero of the harmful emissions that contribute to climate change. Also, you can use a heat pump during the summer season to make the air cooler, so you don't have to purchase an air conditioner. Knowing your options is the best way to find the right heating system for your home. However, no matter how expensive your heating system is, it will eventually wear out if not properly maintained. Our heating contractors in Chicago are always ready to give you excellent service when it comes to your heating system. Whether you need a furnace repair or furnace installation, our experts in Chicago can help you.